One Poem at a time


Thanks for being is a poem i wrote after the has been published in several burn unit publications.........UCDMC (Univ CA - Davis Regional Burn Center)  also, a  Canada burn center publication.......and the Phoenix Society for  Burn Survivors.........and Links of Hope., Loyola Burn unit support group.........


A tragic accident

why did it happen to me?

I became a victim

my title, you see.


Drew a tight circle

around myself

Shut the door to life

stored my past........high on a shelf.


Suffered the pain

it was mine to bear

Stay away world

don't need you to care.


Time  was healing

my outside scars

The pain was subsiding

inside, a prisoner behind bars.


Looked at a mirror

tears flowed fast

The damn was breaking

I wanted life, at last.


Joined a crowd

who call themselves survivors

No dues to pay........simply

healing themselves by helping others.


Iris Yvonne Miller, BURN  SURVIVOR